Things To Remember About Meal Planning 2021

  • Don’t let the term meal plan scare you. You can plan literally anything. You can even plan NOT to cook. What’s important is that you thought about it. You know what you have going on.
  • Make YOUR meal plan as flexible as you want. It’s for you. I’ve seen negativity towards meals plans because – life can change, things come up… All that happens is you deviate from your meal plan a little and learn from what happened. I’d so much rather be more prepared than I need to be, instead of not prepared at all because “something might change”.
  • If you don’t like eating the same thing every day, planning is even more important for you in order to save time, money, and make healthy choices. You can cook a large batch of chicken or other meat and eat it in various ways throughout the week. Instead of giving up because you’re a little too picky, work a little harder to find ideas that fit your needs. There are a ton of articles on how to use one ingredient for various recipes. In fact, I plan to work on a couple of those myself!
  • The perfect meal plan for you is in your head – you just need some resources. The whole point is to not start from zero every night.

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